Data Sources and Legend

Market data comes from Bittrex API. Fiat conversion rates come from Coindesk, and is then provided by Bittrex. Unfortunately, this is not sourced out of true candle data, as Bittrex doesn't have a graceful way to pull the candles for all markets once a minute. So, this is based on sampling the 'last' value once a minute. Down the road I plan to set it up to use candle data where available and 'last' data only when candle data is unavailable. Long and short, the 'high' and 'low' may be a little higher or a little lower than I'm reading here. But it's accurate enough to be useful, and you can reload every minute for new info.

What does 50% of 20% mean below? In each of the boxes, there are two percentages. The second percentage is the "flux rate", and the first percentage is the price's position within that time window.

Understanding The Flux Rate: If you're used to looking at Bittrex, you're used to seeing the "24 hour high" and "24 hour low" numbers for each market. The difference between high and low in a 24hr period is the daily flux rate - it's the upper and lower range that the price has gone through. What my database permits me to do, is to slice it by more than just 24hr slices, but by any amount of time I desire. I then calculate how large the difference is between the highest and lowest points and then produce a percentage. For instance, if a coin's daily range as 100-150, it's moved 50 points, making its 24hr flux 33% (because 50 points is 33% of 150).

What's the first percentage, then? Well, that's the current position within that flux window. If a coin's low for the last 24 hours is 100, and its high for the last 24 hours is 150, and it is currently at 125, then the coin's price within that flux range is 50%.

What's this good for? Mostly, spotting which coins are in motion quickly. And identifying coins which have hit the bottom and are just recovering from a bottom, hence are ripe for a swoop-in (1hr will be black or green, 6hr black or red, and 12hr red usually). But most importantly, if you see red in the 1hr and 6hr windows for almost all the coins at once, generally that means ALTPOCALYPSE! If you see an altpocalypse starting, it's usually beneficial to sell your alt positions so that you can re-buy at the bottom for better cost basis.

Watchlist for privacycoins

MarketLast RateUSD value1hr6hr12hr24hr48hr

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