Went to Corks & Cattle Market today

Many of those who’ve spent time in San Diego, have been to Urge Gastropub (RIP), or similar foodie restaurants sprinkled throughout its local food scene. While I’m by no means a huge foodie, Urge was somewhere I liked to go once in a while. When I worked at Playstation, it was right down the street and trips there were a fixture within our corporate culture.

Corks and Cattle Market reminded me, more than anything else, of going to Urge. It’s a charming place in downtown Enterprise, AL. Like a lot of Alabama downtowns, the area has a lot of bricks. In the picture below, there’s a plume of smoke coming out of the side of the building, venting towards the railroad tracks. It looked rather picturesque.

The area where we parked actually caught my interest before we went to the restaurant. Check out this picture below, of the backs of the downtown buildings. This was just an iPhone camera, but the HDR really came out nice.

Anyway, turning attention to the actual meal, I ordered a bison burger and fries. The early evening lighting didn’t do wonders for the patty, but I can assure you that it was pretty tasty. Folks who are used to San Diego restaurants refusing to cook burgers medium rare, would be pleased to note that if you ask for medium rare in Alabama, you are likely to get it. I’ve had bison burgers a few times before, and usually they’re not quite as juicy as beef patties. This was no deviation from that norm, but I did like the flavor.

For an appetizer, I ordered the ahi tuna nachos. The chips were fried wonton wrappers with cabbage and some other stuff. It was tasty.

Overall, I liked the place. It felt a lot like Urge, so it’s definitely where I’m going in this area if I’m feeling nostalgic for that kind of foodie destination.






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