Weights of the Bars At Ozark Health & Fitness Center

So, this is not going to be of much interest to folks who aren’t working out at the same gym I go to (Ozark Health & Fitness Center).

I find myself hauling bars over to the scale every now and then when I’m not exactly sure how much they weigh. So, this post is mostly for my own reference but it should be useful for other folks who work out here.

EZ Curl bar, 18lbs

Swiss bar, 44lbs

Barbells, 45lbs (long) and 28lbs (short)

There are two different sizes of barbells here; the shorter ones are 28lbs. Of the larger barbells, there are some just a little bit shorter but they’re also 45lbs.

Hex Deadlift Bar, 28lbs

Lots of hollow bars used in the construction of this hex deadlift bar. It’s surprisingly light at 28lbs. Those accustomed to the 60lb Rogue bar will need to adjust their mental math.

If you’re looking to equip a home gym, I have both the fancy Rogue TB-2 bar and also this budget bar from Amazon, and both have made me happy.

Safety squat bar, 72lbs

This one surprised me a little on its weight. THIS BAR IS SPECIAL. Now, do check the second image – this bar’s diameter is slightly smaller than standard Olympic bars, so Olympic safety clips do not fit. The gym has two safety clips that will fit this bar; they’re easily recognized because they’re the only two with screws. If you’re looking for them, folks usually leave them on the handle of the barbell lift jack. I would suggest leaving them on the safety squat bar instead, as it’s the only bar in the gym that uses them.


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